I can summarize numerical data sets using the mean 6.SP.5c
Lesson 1
p815 10, 11, 12, 13; p813: 1, 2, 3, 4; p814: 7
Rewrite the problem, show your work, circle the answer. Then check the answer in the back of the book (V2SA1) or even numbers below. If you got it right, move to the next. If you got it wrong, try to find and correct your mistake. If needed, ask for help.
Lesson 2
The dot plot shows the number of goals a soccer team had for a four game tournament. Find the average number of goals for the tournament.
The table shows the number of hits a softball team had in a six game series. If the average number of hits for the series was 4, how many hits did the team have in the sixth game?
The table shows the heights of the five tallest mountains in California. If the average greatest height is 14,312.6 ft, what is the height of the Mt. Shasta?
3. If your level of mastery is less than a 4, write a small goal or action you will take TODAY that will help you to perform better next time.